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Bulk Garment Printing at Iconic

Iconic T-shirts has a passion for creating quality work. It's even sweeter when we can do it in multitudes. We offer our clients bulk garment printing because it gives them the opportunity to get more bang for their buck. When you order in bulk, it is placing you into our Wholesale Price Tier. This is a specialized category for those professionals who need a lot of work cranked out, and quickly. By no means does this mean the quality of work goes down. On the contrary, our printers are work horses, so the more we print with them the better. If you are going to a tradeshow, event or fundraiser, bulk garment printing is probably the way to go.

Many fabric type surfaces are appropriate for bulk printing, making it one of the most flexible and efficient ways to produce your idea into an attractive marketing asset. With bulk printing at Iconic, you will recieve a customized look and design. Each individual piece we print out will still have our detailed work. We fully believe in not having to choose between quantity and quality. Our work will reflect the dedication and hard work we place in our craft.

Our prices are reasonable and our design and printing quality is one of a kind. Call us today at 916-474-5371 to know why so many local Roseville companies choose to us to do their bulk garmet printing.

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Special Gifts for your Special Someone. Create a unique gift for your Valentine that will knock their socks off.

Create a unique gift for your Valentine that will knock their socks off. Special Gifts for your Special Someone.

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Why Bulk Pricing is so Cost Effective

Clients often wonder why bulk printing is so cost efficient. When we print a shirt, there is a lot that goes into the pre-production process for a customized design. For each individual project the printer has to set up and break down the screens and other materials needed for the job. There's quite a bit more that goes behind creating a quality product, and we work hard to only produce the highest quality. So when we have a bulk order, it then becomes less of a set up process, and more of a working machine. With all bulk printing, there is a design stage. We understand that you might not have your graphics completely figured out. Our artistic design squad will help you on your way to creative bliss. Whether your company is going for professional work shirts, or fun shirts to give away, we will get you to the perfect design for you. And what is great is that by paying a low price per garment will enable you to sell them at a reasonable cost as well! Give us a call and we will discuss if your order qualifies for bulk ordering.

If you would like to know more about ordering your prints in bulk garment printing please call us today at (916) 405-1276.

Bulk Garment Tshirts
Bulk Garment Printing Pros:

Versatile: Prints on almost any type of garment and color
Efficient: Large runs= less money spent
Reliable: Built for high volume production
Productive: 17" x 20" screen area or small 1" x 1"
Print Quality: Higher vibrancy of color on darks
Benefits: Once screens are created process speeds up.
Fees: Normally a setup fee and screen fees per color.

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